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We believe Jason&AnnaPhotography is more than just a husband and wife photography team, we have the perfect blend of technical prowess and creativity. Coupled with a passion for photography and art, we strive to marry these ingredients and capture your special day in a way that is truly unique. Through photography we are also able to explore our love for travelling and meeting new people.

I am a creative spirit obsessed with all things related to weddings and the details that make them so special. I surround myself with artistic people who encourage me to further my creative outlets and in fact, have dubbed me “Artsy Ms. Anna” 🙂 Art in all forms is a huge passion of mine, and when I am not shooting photography I can be found doing consignment art integrating several mediums, including collage, painting, and graphics.

I am a nerd. I started my career as an IT Manager and got into landscape photography as my right-brained creative outlet. Coincidentally, I found it was my left or technical side that helped me to be creative with photography. Since then my passion for photography with the help of my wife and some amazing friends has blossomed into what you see now. I am obsessed with angles and composition and like to bring things I learned from shooting landscapes into our lifestyle photography to create a unique blend. I am a bit of a social media junkie and can be found on twitter, facebook, flickr and about a million other sites.

Photo Credit: Rachael Earl